Privacy Policy

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The Information

  • All personal information regarding you, including orders, account information, names and addresses will be kept secure by Fantastec Ltd.

  • Fantastec Ltd cannot be held responsible for unauthorised use or access of your information unless it is proven they have been negligent with it.

  • As a company, Fantastec Ltd is dedicated to ensuring the protection of your privacy through personal details.

  • At no point shall Fantastec Ltd divulge your personal or account information with any third party, unless they are obligated to do so by law.

  • Your details will only be used by Fantastec Ltd when dealing with the processing and administration of your order.

  • If you have signed up to our newsletter mailing list you will receive this via e-mail. Other than this, Fantastec Ltd will not contact you, unless in relation with your order or account.

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